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OBJECTIVE To describe a case involving the cryopreservation of testis tissue retrieved from a 15-year-old male teenager with Klinefelter's syndrome. DESIGN Case report. SETTING An academic medical center. PATIENT(S) A 15-year-old boy with Klinefelter's syndrome. INTERVENTION(S) Microsurgical testis sperm extraction with cryopreservation of harvested(More)
In 44 patients with tuberculosis of the foot we identified five radiological patterns of lesions; cystic, rheumatoid, subperiosteal, kissing and spina ventosa. Cystic destruction had the best outcome and rheumatoid the poorest. All the patients were cured after antituberculous treatment for 18 months, and none required surgery.
Out of 11234 patients reporting to our outdoor during June 2001 to June 2002, 2594 patients (23.09%) had low back pain. 4358 roentgenograms were done in these patients, a mean of 1.68 per patient. These patients were interviewed and their psychosocial and demographic details were compared with 1000 controls who did not have back pain but attended outdoor(More)
Emergency Medicine (EM) is a new discipline for India. As Medical Council of India (MCI) makes progress in recognizing the need to develop EM residency training programs in India it is important that there exist an established training model for future faculty, residents and medical students. This INDO-US white paper makes a serious attempt to recognize the(More)
An interesting case of chronic paronychia of the big toe for the last 6 years resulting in granulomatous reaction and hypertrophy of nail plate and bed is being reported. An increased rate of longitudinal growth of nails may occur in association with infection around the nail, in bullous, ichthyosiform erythroderma and in psoriasis as already reported, but(More)