Radha Krishna

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Glucagon, an essential regulator of glucose homeostasis, also modulates lipid metabolism and promotes weight loss, as reflected by the wasting observed in glucagonoma patients. Recently, coagonist peptides that include glucagon agonism have emerged as promising therapeutic candidates for the treatment of obesity and diabetes. We developed a novel stable and(More)
The G protein-coupled receptor 83 (Gpr83) is widely expressed in brain regions regulating energy metabolism. Here we report that hypothalamic expression of Gpr83 is regulated in response to nutrient availability and is decreased in obese mice compared with lean mice. In the arcuate nucleus, Gpr83 colocalizes with the ghrelin receptor (Ghsr1a) and the(More)
Although obesity rates are rapidly rising, caloric restriction remains one of the few safe therapies. Here we tested the hypothesis that obesity-associated disorders are caused by increased adipose tissue as opposed to excess dietary lipids. Fat mass (FM) of lean C57B6 mice fed a high-fat diet (HFD; FMC mice) was "clamped" to match the FM of mice maintained(More)
This paper presents a method for deriving Association rules by using apriori algorithm, clustering and fuzzy set concepts. Association rules of quantitative data are presented with mean and standard deviation, and with fuzzy linguistic terms. A case study was done on the commodity data to demonstrate vitality of proposed method. The statistical and fuzzy(More)
Web Usage Mining (WUM) refers to extraction of knowledge from the web log data by application of data mining techniques. WUM generally consists of Web Log Preprocessing, Web Log Knowledge Discovery and Web Log Pattern Analysis. Web Log Preprocessing is a major and complex task of WUM. Elimination of noise and irrelevant data, thereby reducing the burden on(More)
Background maintenance is a complex problem due to varying scene conditions. Typically, a single algorithm cannot handle the complex scene changes that occur in visual surveillance applications. Also complex background modelling techniques, for example mixture of Gaussians have a high computational and communication demand compared to simple techniques such(More)
UNLABELLED Genetic control of root development in rice is complex and the underlying mechanisms (constitutive and adaptive) are poorly understood. Lowland and upland varieties of indica and japonica rice with contrasting root development characteristics have been crossed, mapping populations developed and a number of QTLs in different chromosomes were(More)
This paper proposes a single-phase to three-phase drive system composed of two parallel single-phase rectifiers, a three-phase inverter, and an induction motor. The proposed topology permits to reduce the rectifier switch currents, the harmonic distortion at the input converter side, and presents improvements on the fault tolerance characteristics. Even(More)