Radha Giridharan

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The male:female ratio in autism spectrum disorder (ASD) averages greater than 4:1 while the male:female ratio of ASD with epilepsy averages less than 3:1. This indicates an elevated risk of epilepsy in females with ASD; yet, it is unknown whether phenotypic features of epilepsy and ASD differ between males and females with this comorbidity. The goal of this(More)
The theme of the conference was " Brachytherapy – an Immortal Art ". The pre-conference workshop (26 th August 2016) was conducted at Cancer Institute (WIA), Adyar, Chennai. The workshop included live hands-on demonstration of interstitial brachyther-apy procedures for oropharyngeal cancer (base of tongue), and intra-operative brachytherapy for soft tissue(More)
The rapid growth in demand for computational power driven by modern service applications combined with the shift to the Cloud computing model have led to the establishment of large-scale virtualized datacenters. Such datacenters consume enormous amounts of electrical energy resulting in high operating costs and carbon dioxide emissions. Dynamic(More)
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