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Several scenarios are considered for the upgrade of the LHC insertions in view of increasing the luminosity beyond 10 34 cm-2 s-1. In the case of " quadrupole first " option, superconducting low-β quadrupoles with apertures in the range of 90-110 mm are required in view of increased heat loads and beam crossing angles. We present possible low-β quadrupole(More)
Motion measurement of the contact system of high voltage circuit breakers is of crucial importance for assessing the condition and health of the test object. To monitor motion of the contact system, depending on the construction, motion transducer is usually mounted on the moving parts of the operating mechanism linkage. That introduces a measurement error(More)
Circuit Breakers are one of the most important elements in the transmission and distribution of electrical energy, and assessing their condition is of the upmost importance regarding the health and safety of the transmission and distribution system. Numerous procedures and parameters exist that directly reflect the state of the circuit breaker, but this(More)
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