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BACKGROUND This study was aimed to develop a new method for personalising chemotherapeutic and granulocyte colony-stimulating factor (G-CSF) combined schedules, and use it for suggesting efficacious chemotherapy with reduced neutropenia. METHODS Clinical data from 38 docetaxel (Doc)-treated metastatic breast cancer patients were employed for validating a(More)
Android has become the most prevalent smartphone operating system. Despite its popularity, Android has a lot of flaws in security. In this research study we target a wide range of smartphone applications that share secret and local data with the service provider so that this data will not be leaked or accessed by other entities. The StoreDroid framework,(More)
In game theory, an Evolutionarily Stable Set (ES set) is a set of Nash Equilibrium (NE) strategies that give the same payoffs. Similar to an Evolutionarily Stable Strategy (ES strategy), an ES set is also a strict NE. This work investigates the evolutionary stability of classical and quantum strategies in the quantum penny flip games. In particular, we(More)
To advance our understanding of Quantum Cellular Automata in problem solving through parallel and distributed computing, this research quantized the density classification problem and adopted the Quantum Particle Automata (QPA) [12] to solve the quantized problem. In order to solve this problem, the QPA needed a unitary operator to carry out the QPA(More)
W-States have achieved the status of the standard fully symmetric entangled states, for many entanglement application purposes. Z-States are a generalization of W-States that display an elegant algebra, enabling short paths to desired results. This paper describes Z-States algebra starting from neat definitions and laying down explicitly some fundamental(More)
1 Visiting from Laboratoire de Physique Statistique, 1 Ecole Normale Supérieure, F-75231 Paris, France gerard.weisbuch@gmail.com 2 Visiting from Institute for Theoretical Physics, Cologne University, D-50923 Köln, Euroland 3 Management and Strategy Department, Reims Management School, 59, rue Pierre Taittinger, F-51061 Reims Cedex, France 4 Department of(More)
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