Radek Valásek

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A new fundamental idea of expressing expert knowledge in a form fuzzy rules base (FRB for short) has been brought to the control theory. However, for some processes an expert knowledge acquisition is not a trivial task although there exist experts able to control such processes. In that cases, a data-driven approach of a construction of an FRB is used. This(More)
The paper is devoted to a fuzzy approach to numerical solutions of partial differential equations. Three main types of partial differential equations have been considered to demonstrate the algorithms with help of the fuzzy transform. We have introduced an example of a reasonable application of the fuzzy transform in this area. The justification of our(More)
A simple and effective image fusion technique has been designed to convey all the meaningful information from the images of the same scene with diverse focuses into a final composite image. This paper presents an alternate approach to the problem of multi-focus image fusion using index of fuzziness. The fusion performance of the proposed method has been(More)
We study the framework of the shooting method for nonlinear second-order ordinary differential equations with boundary conditions. We propose a new numerical scheme, based on the second degree F-transform for solving the corresponding initial value problem. We use the inverse F-transforms of the zero and first degrees to obtain approximate solutions to the(More)
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