Radek Pospisil

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Nowadays, to allow for rapid software evolution, more and more software developers are starting to construct their products from reusable software components. In this approach, the architecture of a system is described as a collection of components along with the interactions among those components. Even though the main building blocks of the system are(More)
This thesis proposes a novel approach for a description of a software component's behavior. The behavior is specified by using behavior protocols –a notation similar to regular expressions, which is easy to read and comprehend. Based on an abstract model of communication between software components, the thesis introduces a notion of component behavior and(More)
Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) is an emerging standard of a support platform for distributed multitier applications written in Java. Since the introduction of the standard in 1998, a number of EJB implementations became available, differing in many aspects from the level of standard compliance to the delivered performance. This prompted a demand for evaluation(More)
This article deals with authentication protocols based on secret password information. Basic authentication methods are explained in protocols PAP, CHAP and EAP and used in security system C4. Further, the article points to the absence of a protocol that would not only be able to authenticate the entity, but also allocate special one-time user permissions.(More)
component architectures are getting more popular. Industrial and academic communities try to design facilities for description of component architectures. In the SOFA/DCUP project, the description of the architecture is based on the CDL (component definition language), that embodies the behavioral protocols. The behavioral protocols of components describe(More)
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