Radek Nemec

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Recent studies suggest that older adults' simple arithmetic fact knowledge may be superior to that of college students, as evidenced by the older adults' more frequent use of direct memory retrieval (versus computation) as an answer generation mechanism. Whereas previous studies assessed strategy selection via self-report and/or reaction time, we have(More)
The decision making processes need to reflect changes in the business world in a multidimensional way. This includes also similar way of viewing the data for carrying out key decisions that ensure competitiveness of the business. In this paper we focus on the Business Intelligence system as a main toolset that helps in carrying out complex decisions and(More)
  • Radek Nemec
  • 2015
The paper deals with the assessment of an experimental data modeling approach which is intended to support the agile oriented data modeling. The approach is based on the Anchor Data Modeling technique and is applied on a multidimensional data model. The assessed approach is expected to facilitate more effective execution of queries in the data mart(More)
This article aims to present results of an exploratory survey study which proceeded under our postgradual research project in 2010 in the field of investigation of open-source business intelligence tools usage in companies in the Czech Republic. The study results revealed interesting information about factors that firms in the Czech Republic consider in(More)
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