Radek Honzik

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The equiconsistency of a measurable cardinal with Mitchell order o(κ) = κ ++ with a measurable cardinal such that 2 κ = κ ++ follows from the results by W. Mitchell [13] and M. Gi-tik [7]. These results were later generalized to measurable cardinals with 2 κ larger than κ ++ (see [8]). In [5], we formulated and proved Easton's theorem [4] in a large(More)
We review different conceptions of the set-theoretic multiverse and evaluate their features and strengths. In Section 1, we set the stage by briefly discussing the opposition between the 'universe view' and the 'multiverse view'. Furthermore, we propose to classify multiverse conceptions in terms of their adherence to some form of mathematical realism. In(More)
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