Radek Honzik

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We wish to review some conceptions of the set-theoretic multiverse and evaluate their strength. In §1, we introduce the uni-verse/multiverse dichotomy and discuss its significance. In §2, we discuss three alternative conceptions. Finally, in §3, we present our own conception as integral to the Hyperuniverse Programme launched by Friedman and Arrigoni in(More)
The equiconsistency of a measurable cardinal with Mitchell order o(κ) = κ ++ with a measurable cardinal such that 2 κ = κ ++ follows from the results by W. Mitchell [13] and M. Gi-tik [7]. These results were later generalized to measurable cardinals with 2 κ larger than κ ++ (see [8]). In [5], we formulated and proved Easton's theorem [4] in a large(More)