Radej Sebastian

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We studied dendritic, myeloid (mDCs) (BDCA1+/CD19-) and plasmacytoid cells (pDCs) (BDCA2+/CD123+) and B-cells (CD19+) at relapse, after short intravenous methyloprednisolone therapy and 30 days after treatment completion (remission period) and results were compared with a control group of healthy volunteers. We confirmed the decrease in BDCA2+/CD123+ after(More)
Bundle branch reentry (BBR) is a complex triggering mechanism of ventricular tachycardia, which initiation and maintenance are not well understood. We present a multi-scale functional model of the His bundle and bundle branches coupled to a simplified representation of the septum to study initiation and maintenance of BBR in-silico. The model includes a(More)
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