Radames K. H. Gebel

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The optical transmission of a random selection of nonprescription sunglasses was measured from 0.3-microm to 0.85-microm wavelength. Several models were found with uv windows that may increase the probability of cataract formation on the eye lens. More than half of the twenty-five models tested had ir windows that may cause eye discomfort with prolonged(More)
The purpose of this paper is to present the fundamental technical arrangement involved for optical radar, its resolution, and requirements concerning the light source for use with it. Some basic optical radar problems are explained and pertinent equations are derived. The paper shows that 10 quanta per pulse at a repetition rate of 77 per second are(More)
An instrumentation and method for analysing the spatial behaviour of optical properties of pertinent specimens is described, which performs opto-mechanical scanning with a multi-detector arrangement, uses special amplifiers for modification and a computer for signal evaluation, etc. The instrumentation is capable of identifying colors in the CIE color(More)
Whenever images are reproduced by the utilization of a time-sequential signal obtained by electron beam scanning or by flying-spot light-scanning of photo-conductive thin-films, etc., onto which an optical image is focused, lack of edge resolution occurs. This is due to a number of intrinsic, uncontrollable factors of the semiconductor, e.g., its finite(More)