Racine-Samba Sow

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There have been significant evolutionary pressures on the chicken during both its speciation and its subsequent domestication by man. Infectious diseases are expected to have exerted strong selective pressures during these processes. Consequently, it is likely that genes associated with disease susceptibility or resistance have been subject to some form of(More)
The comparative analysis of genome sequences emerging for several avian species with the fully sequenced chicken genome enables the genome-wide investigation of selective processes in functionally important chicken genes. In particular, because of pathogenic challenges it is expected that genes involved in the chicken immune system are subject to(More)
This paper reports the blood groups and blood protein distribution in West African sheep breeds. About 100 animals of the Djallonke, Fulani and Touabire breeds were sampled for blood polymorphism analysis. Their blood groups were typed by haemolytic and agglutination reactions, and their blood proteins by starch gel electrophoresis. Almost all the loci(More)
Serum concentrations of two minerals (Ca, P) and activity ol ALP of 368 Gobra Zebu of breeding centre of Dahra have been measured. Blood samples were taken from groups of zebu of varying age (< 1 month to 3 years) and physiological status (pregnancy, lactation). Concentrations of Ca, P and activity of ALP hither on young animals are related to the needs of(More)
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