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Software cost estimation predicts the amount of effort and development time required to build a software system. It is one of the most critical tasks and it helps the software industries to effectively manage their software development process. There are a number of cost estimation models. The most widely used model is Constructive Cost Model (COCOMO). In(More)
Requirements management has been discussed for at least fifteen years. As a discipline and as a practice, it has become more and more complex. In software projects new requirements are continuously issued and the objective of the requirement management is to elicit, manage and prioritize requirements. In the present study, a specific requirement management(More)
Software cost estimation is one of the most challenging tasks in software engineering. Over the past years the estimators have used parametric cost estimation models to establish software cost, however the challenges to accurate cost estimation keep evolving with the advancing technology. A detailed review of various cost estimation methods developed so far(More)
Staff attrition is a problem often faced by software development organizations. We used process modeling and simulation to estimate the effect of different staffing policies on the project cost. A simulation technique has been used for analyzing the effect of the policies pertaining to replacement for engineers who leave the project, and also overstaffing(More)
In Global markets the competition has increased dramatically. This has resulted on the need for software development firms to produce at a lower cost, with higher quality and within shorter time frames. The focus must clearly be put on the customer and the objective must not simply be to satisfy, but to delight. This can only be accomplished by providing(More)
The increasing globalization of software industry faces lot of challenges in software development and its final release to meet the stakeholder's requirements. Requirement gathering is a task difficult enough when done locally - but it is even more difficult when global stakeholder specify requirements across the world. Today's globalization of software(More)
Web Services provides almost similar functionalities, but finding best service is the basic objective of this paper. In this paper, focus on quantifiable measurements is done. The main objective of this paper is to investigate how dynamic web service discovery can be realized to satisfy a customer's QoS requirements using an approach that can be(More)
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