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Intergeneric hybrids of an Arg auxotroph of Kluyveromyces marxianus able to grow up to 52¡C and Saccharomyces cerevisiae capable of growth up to 40¡C, have been constructed by protoplasmic fusion. The fusants resembled the former except that they were prototrophic and some produced ethanol in excess of 6% (v/v) both at 30 and 45¡C, an attribute otherwise(More)
An evaluation of various adders that are representative of different CMOS logic design styles is carried out for nanoscale CMOS technologies using a Predictive Technology Model from [1]. The adders under consideration are the static CMOS mirror adder, the Complementary Pass-transistor Logic (CPL) adder, the Transmission Gate Adder (TGA), and the Hybrid-CMOS(More)
The demand of compact size antennas is increasing day by day because of the rapid growth of portable devices & wireless communication technology. In this paper, a design of Triangular Sierpinski Gasket shape Fractal Antenna has been proposed & presented. The antenna has been designed at 10.9 GHz frequency. It is a compact design of 24.49 mm x 24.49 mm area(More)
Genetically similar mutants of Schizosaccharomyces pombe that failed to grow but survived at 44 °C for 72 h, exhibited a significantly delayed thermal death. These thermotolerant mutants registered a decrease in ethanol production by 25–50% at low as well as high temperatures. The data on tetrad products derived from crosses of mutants with the wild type(More)
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