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The application of independent component analysis (ICA) algorithm can achieve a real time blind signal separation (BSS) if it is physically implemented using hardware devices. However, due principally to both of the limited size and of the microelectronics technology of the used hardware devices, many practical problem can be encountered to reach the real(More)
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a popular automatic identification and an emerging wireless technology with highly promising applications. In an RFID system, the anti-collision algorithm is one of the primary mechanisms to address the issue of multi-object identification. This paper focused on a detailed study of the ALOHA anti-collision problem(More)
IEEE 802.11ad is the new Wi-Fi standard operating at 60 GHz. This paper investigate the performance of specified modulation and coding schemes in additive white Gaussian noise channel and realistic 60 GHz band multipath fading channel. Three 802.11 ad physical layers, namely orthogonal frequency division multiplex physical layer, Single Carrier and Low(More)
The purpose of this paper is the establishment of the adequate choice of trial functions used in the transverse resonance method for modeling asymmetric coupled microstrip structures for C- and pi-mode in full-wave domain. So, two kinds of the set of cosine trial functions are used (one takes into account the edge metallic effects and other does not take(More)
In this paper, the authors targeted multiple access protocols to analyze the problem of collision and collision avoidance in RFID systems. By considering user terminals as tags and access point as reader, the authors efficiently modelled the wireless communication channel by considering the capture effect. Otherwise, if the capture effect is not considered,(More)
For Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system, this paper presents an anti collision circuit design for fast of multi tags identification system. Principally, the authors use the Blind Signal Separation (BSS) method by the Independent Component Analysis (ICA) algorithm based computation of anti-collision circuit for speedily extracting the hidden factor(More)
Dans cet article il est question de calibration automatique de la porteuse résiduelle. La relation entre la porteuse résiduelle et le mélangeur est établie. On décrit le principe de la calibration automatique et le bloc de contrôle numérique qui repose sur un dé;tecteur de puissance basé sur la(More)
The dispersive characteristics of multilayered bilateral anisotropic coplanar couplers are determined using the spectral domain method. The dyadicadmittance Green's function is derived for both open and shielded couplers by extending the immittance-approach technique to multilayered structures via a recursive process that takes into account the anisotropy(More)
In this paper, a double dielectric superstrate layer DSL above a microstrip patch antenna in 60 GHz; based on the recent developed standards requirements; is studied and designed. The effects of microstrip antenna with a double superstrate layer on its gain, directivity and resonant characteristics is presented. We simulated the gain of antennas within and(More)