Rachida Touhami

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In this paper, an original dispersive numerical modal approach combining accuracy and speediness is presented as promising tool for fast analysis of asymmetric coplanar waveguide on isotropic/anisotropic substrates. For this purpose, a quasi-symmetric model was introduced using C and π mode trial functions along with the formalism of operators to(More)
For increasing the capacity of the wireless channel, the Space -- Time Block Coding (STBC) has been proposed in the literature. The problem with such scheme is that the accurate channel state information is required. The channel is then estimated by transmitting the training sequences. Such channel estimation causes the spectral efficiency problem, i.e. the(More)
— an efficient computation technique is developed for analysis anisotropic multilayered microwave circuits constituted of several conducting strips/slots which are located on several interfaces of dielectric layers. Used technique is based on extension of spectral domain approach. The numerical solutions obtained by this technique are discussed and compared(More)