Rachida Saouab

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Synovial hemangioma is a rare benign vascular malformation. We report a case of chronic swelling in the left knee of a 7-year-old boy. An intra-articular tumor of synovial origin could was detected after a magnetic resonance imaging scan. Surgical excision of the mass associated with partial synovectomy was carried out. A histologic examination confirmed(More)
Résumé La myosite ossifiante circonscrite (MOC) est une pathologie rare caractérisée par une ossification hétérotopique non tumorale des tissus mous. C’est une pathologie du sujet jeune, survenant le plus souvent après un traumatisme. Sa localisation est ubiquitaire, prédominante au niveau des ceintures et des membres. Nous rapportons l’observation d’une(More)
Renal angiomyolipomas are rare type of benign renal neoplasm. They are composed of vascular, smooth and fat elements and can be associated to phacomatosis as Tuberous Sclerosis disease. Symptomatic presentation is most frequently spontaneous retroperitoneal hemorrhage, which can be fatal. The risk of bleeding is proportional to the size of the lesion (>4 cm(More)
Myositis ossificans circumscripta (MOC) is a rare condition characterized by nontumoral heterotopic ossification of the soft tissues. This condition affects young subjects, occurring mainly after trauma. It is ubiquitous, predominantly located in girdles and limbs. We report the case of a young patient with paravertebral MOC without traumatic context; the(More)
Scimitar syndrome or veino-lobaire syndrome (term coined by Felson) is a very rare disease characterized by the combination of cardiopulmonary anomalies, in particular an anomalous right pulmonary venous return, located mostly in the inferior vena cava. We here report the original case of a 6-month-old female infant presenting with acute dyspnea. The(More)
Sandhoff disease is a rare and severe lysosomal storage disorder representing 7% of GM2 gangliosidoses. Bilateral thalamic involvement has been suggested as a diagnostic marker of Sandhoff disease. A case of an 18-month-old infant admitted for psychomotor regression and drug resistant myoclonic epilepsy is presented. Cerebral CT scan showed bilateral and(More)