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Designing a global standardized methodology for measuring social entrepreneurship activity: the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor social entrepreneurship study
Although there is a high level of practitioner, policymaker, and scholar interest in social entrepreneurship, most research is based on case studies and success stories of successful social
Previous research into entrepreneurial exit has examined exit from a firm perspective focusing upon firm performance as the primary determinant of exit; however, new research is emerging which
Portfolio Entrepreneurship as a Mixed Gamble: A Winning Bet for Family Entrepreneurs in SMEs
We conceptualize portfolio entrepreneurship (PE) decisions as a “mixed gamble” in which family entrepreneurs weigh potential gain and loss outcomes and analyze the unique socioemotional wealth
Temporary Contracts and Work—Family Balance in a Dual Labor Market
A well-established finding in the literature is that self-employment enables mothers to accommodate work and family needs better than when they are engaged in organizational employment. With this
Indicators of entrepreneurship activity: some methodological contributions
Using a model-based approach, this paper reexamines the measurement of entrepreneurial activity at the national level. Our contribution centres on two main aspects. First, our study allows for the
Taking care of business: the impact of culture and gender on entrepreneurs’ blended value creation goals
We examine entrepreneurs’ economic, social, and environmental goals for value creation for their new ventures. Drawing on ethics of care and theories of societal post-materialism, we develop a set of