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The objective of the present study was to evaluate the in vitro and in vivo anti-cancer effect of Nigella sativa L. seed extracts. The essential oil (IC50 = 0.6%, v/v) and ethyl acetate (IC50 = 0.75%) extracts were more cytotoxic against the P815 cell line than the butanol extract (IC50 = 2%). Similar results were obtained with the Vero cell line. Although(More)
CONTEXT Studies have shown that pomegranate, Punica granatum Linn. (Lythraceae), has remarkable biological and medicinal properties. OBJECTIVE This work aimed to explore and compare the analgesic and anti-inflammatory activities of the methanol extract (MoE) obtained from fruit peels of two varieties of pomegranate: Amrouz (MoEA) and Sefri (MoES). (More)
The seeds of Peganum harmala L. (Pgh) (Zygophyllaceae) have been used in Moroccan traditional medicine for treatment of a various diseases and to relieve dolorous process. The major objective of this paper was to investigate the mechanism of the analgesia induced by alkaloid extract of Peganum harmala. In the present work, the antinociceptive action was(More)
Despite considerable progress in medical therapy, there is no satisfactory drug to treat kidney stones. Therefore, the current study aimed to look for an alternative by using Trigonella foenum graecum (Tfg) on nephrolithiasic rats as a preventive agent against the development of kidney stones, which is commonly used in Morocco as a phytotherapeutic agent.(More)
In Morocco, Thymus broussonetii is widely used in folk medicine for the treatment of a variety of diseases including gastroenteric and bronchopulmonary disorders and to relieve dolorous process. The antinociceptive effect of the aqueous, butanolic and ethyl acetate extracts of this species was examined in rats and mice using chemical and thermal models. The(More)
Tobacco exposure is not only a health concern for adults but has also been shown to exert deleterious effects on the health of the fetus, newborn, child, and adolescent. Decreased cognitive function, lower Intellectual Quotient (IQ) and deficits in learning and memory in children have been associated with maternal smoking during pregnancy. In this study, we(More)
The anti-tumor effect of the Moroccan endemic thyme (Thymus broussonettii) essential oil (EOT) was investigated in vitro using the human ovarian adenocarcinoma IGR-OV1 parental cell line OV1/P and its chemoresistant counterparts OV1/adriamycin (OV1/ADR), OV1/vincristine (OV1/VCR), and OV1/cisplatin (OV1/CDDP). All of these cell lines elicited various(More)
The involvement of a central opioid mechanism in the antinociceptive effect of calcitonin is still a matter of controversy. Since a major characteristic of the effects of opioids is tolerance to repeated treatments, we investigated the effects of acute and chronic (over 7 days) calcitonin injections on pain sensitivity in rats and mice. We examine the(More)
The purpose of this study was to test the effect of calcitonin, when injected into the lateral ventricle, on conditioning behaviour and to see whether antidepressant drug treatment can antagonize calcitonin-induced impairment of this behaviour. Conditioned response by conditional stimulus (CS) was compared in control rat (CO) and in rats that received(More)
Toxoplasma gondii is an ubiquitous parasite with a prevalence variable from country to country. In Morocco very few studies were devoted to this prevalence. To fill this gap we were interested to study the epidemiology of this parasite and to know the level of carriage by the different vectors which are the sources of contamination in humans. The study was(More)