Rachid Riah

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In this paper, chemotherapy of cancer is studied. The model chosen to simulate the behaviour of the cancer is based on the normal and the tumor cells evolution. Aggressive chemotherapy leading to tumor contraction must respect the constraint on the patient health, which is the lower admissible bound of the normal cells. The properties of positively(More)
In this paper, we consider the problem of characterizing the invariant and contractive ellipsoids for discrete-time saturated systems, as an estimate of the domain of attraction. The asymptotic stability of the controlled system is ensured by the contractive nature of the invariant set. Sufficient conditions for the existence of a quadratic set-induced(More)
This paper proposes an analytical method for the characterisation of the set of all initial tumor and normal states of a cancer dynamical model for which there exists a successful drug administration therapy. The dynamical model considered simulates the behaviour of the tumor and the normal cells populations growth in presence of a chemotherapy drug. This(More)
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