Rachid Massaad

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AIMS To evaluate the efficacy of switching from a previous statin monotherapy to ezetimibe/simvastatin (EZE/SIMVA) 10/20 mg vs. rosuvastatin (ROSUVA) 10 mg. METHODS In this randomised, double-blind study, 618 patients with documented hypercholesterolaemia [low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) > or = 2.59 and < or = 4.92 mmol/l] and with high(More)
AIM This randomized, double-blind study evaluated the efficacy of switching from atorvastatin (ATV) 10 mg to ezetimibe/simvastatin (EZE/SIMVA) 10/20 mg, EZE/SIMVA 10/40 mg or doubling the dose of ATV from 10 to 20 mg in patients with type 2 diabetes (T2D). METHODS Eligible patients had haemoglobin A(1C)< or =10%, were aged > or =18 years and were on ATV(More)
This randomised, double-blind study evaluated the efficacy and safety of ezetimibe/simvastatin (EZE/SIMVA) 10/20 mg tablet compared to doubling the atorvastatin (ATV) dose in hypercholesterolaemic patients with atherosclerotic or coronary heart disease (CHD). The study group included 435 male and female CHD patients (aged >or=18 years) who had not achieved(More)
This randomised, double-blind, placebo (PBO)-controlled study evaluated the efficacy and safety of ezetimibe (EZE) co-administered with ongoing atorvastatin (ATV) therapy in 450 hypercholesterolemic patients with coronary heart disease (CHD) who had not achieved their low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) goal < or =2.60 mmol/l while on a stable dose(More)
BACKGROUND Challenge with short-term exposure to airborne cat allergen in sensitized patients produces pulmonary function changes and rhinitis symptoms. OBJECTIVE To determine the benefit of montelukast, 10 mg, for patients with concomitant asthma and allergic rhinitis as demonstrated by protection against both lower and upper airway responses to cat(More)
STUDY DESIGN An open-label, multicentre study was conducted to evaluate the antihypertensive efficacy of a 4-week course of losartan 50 mg plus hydrochlorothiazide 12.5 mg in Asian patients with essential hypertension whose blood pressure had previously been treated with but not controlled by valsartan 80 mg. METHODS A total of 237 eligible patients with(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to investigate the efficacy and safety profile of switching to ezetimibe/simvastatin (Eze/Simva) 10/40 mg compared with doubling the statin dose upon discharge in patients taking a statin and admitted to the hospital for the investigation of a coronary event. DESIGN This phase IV, multi-centre, randomised, open-label,(More)
Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors and angiotensin II type I receptor blockers delay progression of chronic kidney disease and have antiproteinuric effects beyond their effects on blood pressure. They are routinely used in adults; however, their efficacy and safety in children, in whom the causes of chronic kidney disease are significantly different(More)
A previous subgroup analysis of a 12-week, double-blind study demonstrated that losartan significantly lowered proteinuria versus placebo and amlodipine and was well tolerated in children (1–17 years old) with proteinuria secondary to Alport syndrome. The present subgroup analysis of the open-label, extension phase of this study assessed the long-term(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Once-daily losartan reduces BP in a dose-dependent manner and is well tolerated in hypertensive children aged 6-16 years. This study assessed the dose-response relationship, safety, and tolerability of losartan in hypertensive children aged 6 months to 6 years. DESIGN, SETTING, PARTICIPANTS, & MEASUREMENTS This was a 12-week,(More)