Rachid Chalal

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This paper presents an architecture for the Project Management, which is defined using the concepts behind ServiceOriented and Decision Support System. The framework described, denominated as SoaDssPm, represents the following: a coherent solution to the problem of control Project Management the existing gap between the real execution of Project Management(More)
The paper proposes a generic approach to design and develop an organizational decision support system (ODSS). This approach is based at the follows definition: the ODSS is considered as the experts' memory and their decision-taking. Therefore, the ODSS is constituted by two elements, a strategic DSS and a specific referential of the decision situation. Our(More)
The growing use of document stores has resulted in vast amounts of semi-structured data holding precious information, which could be profitably integrated into existing BI systems. Unfortunately, due to their schemaless nature, document stores are hardly accessible via direct OLAP querying. In this paper we propose an interactive, schema-on-read approach(More)
SOA architecture is more and more used in the companies, in counterpart, the company needs the decision-making processes which proceed with the processes trades, dimension is absent in this type of architecture. On the basis of these notes, we are interested, in this paper, on the development of a two-dimensional new architecture of integration of the(More)
Over the past few years XML has rapidly become a widely accepted data format for information interchange and representation of semi-structured data. As a result, huge amounts of interesting data are generated and distributed on the Web, prompting the need of new and automated approaches to store, organize and analyze such data. Data warehouses systems(More)