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—This paper presents an architecture for the Project Management, which is defined using the concepts behind Service-Oriented and Decision Support System. The framework described, denominated as SoaDssPm, represents the following: a coherent solution to the problem of control Project Management the existing gap between the real execution of Project(More)
This work is situated in the general context of stored information heterogeneity in a decisional system such as data, metadata and knowledge, for cohabitation and reconciliation of these information by mediation. In this paper we focus on the heterogeneous metadata integration, with the definition of a structural and semantic mediation model. Our aim is to(More)
Traditionally, the multidimensional schema of the data warehouse is derived from data sources that are mainly the company's internal data, well-known and structured, by identifying facts, dimensions and numeric measurements through a manual analysis of the operational schemas. With the proliferation of new platforms of communication in today's information(More)
The growing use of document stores has resulted in vast amounts of semi-structured data holding precious information , which could be profitably integrated into existing BI systems. Unfortunately, due to their schemaless nature, document stores are hardly accessible via direct OLAP querying. In this paper we propose an interactive, schema-on-read approach(More)