Rachid Benslimane

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In the image database, features (colors, shapes, textures) of the query specification are compared with features of the image database to determine which images match correctly (similar) with the given features. The matching process is based on similarity measure between query image and images in database. In this paper we propose a fuzzy similarity measure(More)
Arabic Documents Clustering is an important task for obtaining good results with the traditional Information Retrieval (TR) systems especially with the rapid growth of the number of online documents present in Arabic language. Document clustering aims to automatically group similar documents in one cluster using different similarity/distance measures. In(More)
The watershed transformation is a useful tool for the 3D segmentation. However, over segmentation have become the key problems for the conventional algorithm. This paper presents two new methods for solving these problems. The first method is to establish a generic-adjacencies graph of regions resulting from the application of watershed segmentation and to(More)
This paper describes an approach for 3D triangular meshes segmentation. The method that we adopt for the 3D mesh segmentation is based on the unbiased hierarchical queue which has been used for 2D images. Our method uses the hierarchical transformation on a connected faces structure. The approach that we propose is based on the principal curvature to(More)
We derive a robust algorithm for estimating motion parameters of rigid features resulted from a segmentation of dynamic scenes into several differently moving objects. Thus each objects is characterized by a transform h (x, T) with a parameter vector T which implicitly describes the surface shape and the threedimensional motion of the objects in the scene.(More)
Ancient manuscripts constitute a heritage to preserve for future generations and make it accessible to a wider audience. This heritage is unfortunately consulted by a minority of experts and researchers because of the lack of information on the existence of this national heritage. The problem is partly due to the fact that this manuscript heritage is(More)
Three-dimensional models are more and more used in applications in which the necessity to visualize realistic objects is felt (CAD/CAO, medical simulations, games, virtual reality etc.). Consequently, the management of large sizes of 3D data collections becomes an important field. The indexation of such data allows a designer for instance to easily find(More)
In this paper we propose a Genetic-Based Inverse Voting Hough Transform (GBIVHT) method to detect buried crack defects in engineering structures. The method is applied to B-scan images obtained according to the ultrasonic Time Of Flight Diffraction technique. In these image representations of the ultrasound data, crack defects are characterized by multiple(More)
In this work, image analysis techniques and scanning electron microscope are shown to be appropriated for the development of new reference approaches for analyzing fibrous materials such as paper. These techniques allow a non destructive characterization of analyzed artefacts by using images acquired by scanning electron microscopy (SEM). Particularly, a(More)