Rachid Benslimane

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This paper describes an approach for 3D triangular meshes segmentation. The method that we adopt for the 3D mesh segmentation is based on the unbiased hierarchical queue which has been used for 2D images. Our method uses the hierarchical transformation on a connected faces structure. The approach that we propose is based on the principal curvature to(More)
ABTRACT In this paper we propose a Genetic-Based Inverse Voting Hough Transform (GBIVHT) method for detecting parabolic shapes in B-scan images obtained by the ultrasonic Time Of Flight Diffraction inspection technique. These parabolic shapes are characteristics of the presence of crack defects in the engineering structure under inspection. In our method,(More)
In this paper, a hybrid method is applied to recover parameters and motion of camera from a set of silhouettes of an object taken under circular motion. Camera parameters can be obtained by maximizing the total coherence between all silhouettes. Two optimization methods, the Powell optimizer (PO) and the Genetic algorithms (GA), are applied to maximize the(More)