Rachid Benlamri

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Medical ontologies are valuable and effective methods of representing medical knowledge. In this direction, they are much stronger than biomedical vocabularies. In the process of medical diagnosis, each disease has several symptoms associated with it. There are currently no ontologies that relate diseases and symptoms and only attempts at their infancy(More)
How learners can build their own knowledge, which is precisely tailored to their needs and background? This is precisely the question to which this paper attempts to answer by providing a framework for a flexible object-based e-learning environment. The paper recognizes that the general learner modeling alternative is an intractable problem. However, it(More)
W ith an increase in chronic illnesses over the past century due to an increased average human life span, many patients require constant medical monitoring to ensure that their health conditions don’t deteriorate.1 Removing the need to monitor these patients from within the hospital environment gives the patients more independence and provides huge savings(More)
For young people, scoliosis deformities are an evolving process which must be detected and treated as early as possible. The moiré technique is simple, inexpensive, not aggressive and especially convenient for detecting spinal deformations. Doctors make their diagnosis by analysing the symmetry of fringes obtained by such techniques. In this paper, we(More)
Mobile learning is gaining a lot of interest in recent years mainly for its convenience and boundless way of learning. It is convenient because mobile devices are used not only for communicating but also for accessing the Internet, purchasing goods, exchanging information, and organizing our everyday life. It is boundless since it extends e-Learning and(More)