Rachid Aboutaieb

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In spite of the contribution of the new techniques of radiology and the use of new antibiotics, the diagnosis of perinephric abscess remains difficult and late and is at the origin of high morbidity and mortality. 75 cases of perinephric abscess collected during 15 years are reviewed. We studied the etiopathogenic, diagnostic, bacteriologic and therapeutic(More)
OBJECTIVE Evaluation of the use of defunctionalized bladder in renal transplantation, concerning surgical complications. METHODS In order to assess the complication rate of ureteral reimplantation in long-term defunctionalized bladder, we compared 20 patients on haemodialysis for more than 15 years (group I) with another 20 patients on haemodialysis for(More)
Inflammatory pseudotumours of the kidney are rare and raise a problem of differential diagnosis with renal cancer. The authors discuss the diagnostic difficulties of this disease in the light of two patients, aged 32 years and 60 years, admitted for left low back pain (2 cases), large kidney (1 case) and haematuria (1 case). The combination of renal(More)
Despite the efficacy of new tuberculostatic agents, urogenital tuberculosis still constitutes a threat to renal function due to fibrosis secondary to healing of the lesions. The authors studied the place of corticosteroids, and endoscopic and percutaneous procedures in the treatment of 86 cases of urogenital tuberculosis. Corticosteroids were coprescribed(More)
OBJECTIVES To compare the therapeutic results of deferred urgent surgical treatment and late treatment of traumatic ruptures of the posterior urethra. MATERIAL AND METHOD 35 patients with a mean age of 25 years (range: 7 to 79 years) were operated for trauma of the posterior urethra. In most cases, trauma was secondary to a road accident, associated with(More)
Bladder tumours classically affect the elderly, but can also occur in young adults. The authors studied the prognosis of these tumours in patients under the age of 40. In their experience, these tumours represent 3.27% of all bladder tumours. 26 patients with a mean age of 34 years (20-40 years), 8 under the age of 30, were studied. There was a marked male(More)
Many patients with urinary incontinence due to neurogenic sphincter insufficiency are treated by intermittent catheterization combined with drug therapy. A few refractory cases require surgical treatment. The authors report 5 cases of neurogenic bladder in 3 men and 2 women with a mean age of 20 years. The neurological lesion was secondary to spina bifida(More)
Benign renal cysts are usually asymptomatic: They require a minimally invasive treatment if they cause complaints such as flank pain or other compressive complications. During a 6 month period, 14 patients were treated for benign renal cyst using an ultrasound guided puncture. Presenting complaints were flank pain (12 cases), hypertension (1 case),(More)
Various techniques of ureteral reimplantation have been described for different indications. After a retrospective study concerning 109 cases and 178 ureteral reimplantations, the authors propose the selective indications for each technique noting the most important results. The indications for reimplantations are numerous and varied: enterocystoplasty (60(More)