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The paper examines various aspects of the growth monitoring (GM) component of the Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) programme of India. Data of 3704 rural children, 0-6 years of age revealed that growth of almost half of the children had never been monitored, and monitored inadequately in another 25 per cent of cases. While very few mothers (1(More)
The relationship between ocular manifestation of vitamin A deficiency and children's anaemic/morbidity status as well as the efficacy of vitamin A prophylaxis in preventing these conditions was determined. The prevalence of xerophthalmia in morbid children with anaemia and history of worm infestation, measles, and diarrhoea was higher as compared to their(More)
Data of 4302 children, 0-6 years old were analysed to study the prevalence of vitamin A deficiency and the efficacy of vitamin A prophylaxis in preventing xerophthalmia co-existing with malnutrition. Manifestation of ocular signs of vitamin A deficiency were seen in 10 per cent children. The prevalence of xerophthalmia was higher in the normal and mild to(More)
Relationship between maternal anthropometry, age, parity, education, work status, and food practices and nutritional status of children 0-6 months post-partum was determined using a cross-sectional design in a univariate situation. Whereas mothers' weight, height, weight for height, and months of lactation were significantly related to the weight for age of(More)
Agewise agreement between mid-upper arm circumference (AC), weight for age and weight for height assessment of nutritional status was analyzed for 5,509 Indian children 1 to 5 years of age. Sensitivity specificity and positive predictive value of AC are presented. The sensitivity of AC for detecting moderate malnutrition by weight for age or weight for(More)
Sensitivity and specificity of pallor signs were compared to haemoglobin determination for identifying nutritional anaemia in pregnant women. A total of 211 pregnant women were examined for signs of pallor using the anaemia recognition card, and their haemoglobin was determined by the cyanmethaemoglobin filter paper technique. The sensitivity of pallor(More)
This transversal case study aimed at drawing the biological profile of sensitized patients consulting for respiratory allergies at Mohamed V Military Hospital-Rabat. One hundred four patients were included in the case study, who have benefitted from specialized medical consultation and those who came to the biochemistry laboratory holding a medical check-up(More)
The prevalence of diarrhea among children, feeding practices during diarrhea, and knowledge about oral rehydration therapy (ORT) among 2616 mothers and 44 Anganwadi workers (AWWs) of Panchmahals and 2293 mothers and 37 AWWs of Chandrapur districts of Gujarat State and Maharashtra State, respectively, were investigated. The effect of maternal literacy status(More)
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