Rachelyn Farrell

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In Saccharomyces cerevisiae, at least 12 genes are important for cells to propagate in medium containing elevated concentrations of copper salts (J. Welch, S. Fogel, C. Buchman, and M. Karin, EMBO J. 8:255-260, 1989). Complementation studies were carried out on a copper-sensitive mutation (cup14) from this group. A new yeast gene, designated SLF1, was(More)
Many computational models of narrative include representations of possible worlds—events that never actually occur in the story but that are planned or perceived by the story’s characters. Psychological tools such as QUEST are often used to validate computational models of narrative, but they only represent events which are explicitly narrated in the story.(More)
The N-terminal metal-binding domains of the copper-activated yeast transcription factors, ACE1 and AMT1, bind to specific DNA sequences in a Cu-dependent fashion. Recombinant AMT1 and ACE1 metal-binding domains are isolated as Cu4Zn1-protein complexes. Site-directed mutagenesis of AMT1 was used in this study to map the ligands of the Cu(I) and Zn(II) ions.(More)
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