Rachelle O’Connell

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We present an exact analysis of an oscillator (the detector) moving under a constant force with respect to zero-temperature vacuum and coupled to a one-dimensional scalar field. We show that this system does not radiate despite the fact that it thermalizes at the Unruh temperature. We remark upon a differing opinion expressed regarding a system coupled to(More)
We have recently developed a microscope-integrated spectral-domain optical coherence tomography (MIOCT) device towards intrasurgical cross-sectional imaging of surgical maneuvers. In this report, we explore the capability of MIOCT to acquire real-time video imaging of vitreoretinal surgical maneuvers without post-processing modifications. Standard 3-port(More)
The free energy of a quantum oscillator in an arbitrary heat bath at temperature T is given by a ‘‘remarkable formula’’ which involves only a single integral. This leads to a corresponding simple result for the entropy. The lowtemperature limit is examined in detail and explicit results are obtained both for the case of an Ohmic heat bath and a radiation(More)
We first review the usefulness of the Wigner distribution functions (WDF), associated with Lindblad and pre-master equations, for analyzing a host of problems in Quantum Optics where dissipation plays a major role, an arena where weak coupling and long-time approximations are valid. However, we also show their limitations for the discussion of decoherence,(More)
A localized free particle is represented by a wave packet and its motion is discussed in most quantum mechanics textbooks. Implicit in these discussions is the assumption of zero temperature. We discuss how the effects of finite temperature and squeezing can be incorporated in an elementary manner. The results show how the introduction of simple tools and(More)