Rachelle Morgenstern

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Viruses readily mutate and gain the ability to infect novel hosts, but few data are available regarding the number of possible host range-expanding mutations allowing infection of any given novel host, and the fitness consequences of these mutations on original and novel hosts. To gain insight into the process of host range expansion, we isolated and(More)
In rats the effect of substance P SP (1-11 and SP (5-11) heptapeptide on locomotion in open field was investigated after intrategmental application. SP (1-11) increase the locomotor activity significantly, SP (5-11) heptapeptide do not-do it. The effect of SP(1-11), SP(5-11) heptapeptide, SP(6-11) hexapeptide, and SP(1-4) tetrapeptide on the circadianly(More)
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