Rachelle E. Irwin

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A functional role for DNA methylation has been well-established at imprinted loci, which inherit methylation uniparentally, most commonly from the mother via the oocyte. Many CpG islands not associated with imprinting also inherit methylation from the oocyte, although the functional significance of this, and the common features of the genes affected, are(More)
PTH and PTH-related protein (PTHrP) are key mediators of skeletal development and homeostasis through their activation of the PTH-1 receptor. Previous studies have found that several AP-1 family members are regulated by PTH, such as c-fos, fra-1, and c-jun. There are numerous genes in the bone microenvironment that contain AP-1 sites, and different Fos(More)
Imprinted loci are paradigms of epigenetic regulation and are associated with a number of genetic disorders in human. A key characteristic of imprints is the presence of a gametic differentially methylated region (gDMR). Previous studies have indicated that DNA methylation lost from gDMRs could not be restored by DNMT1, or the de novo enzymes DNMT3A or 3B(More)
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