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Pain symptomatology is present in 60% - 80% of patients affected by advanced cancer, but in most cases it is not adequately treated. Our series, composed of 45 patients affected by cancer in an advanced stage, demonstrates how the application of common concepts of pharmacotherapy, standardized according to a sequential scheme proposed by the WHO, makes it(More)
Object The purpose of this study was to underline the effectiveness of molecular analysis in cerebral cavernous angioma, with special attention to the familial forms. Methods Multiplex Ligation-dependent Probe Amplification analysis integrates the consecutive sequence analysis of the 3 genes (Krit1/CCM1, MGC4607/CCM2, and PDCD10/CCM3) known to be(More)
A sample of 98 Canadian homosexual and bisexual men, 46 of South Asian and 52 of European origin, who had sex with other than an exclusive primary partner were asked about their high-risk sexual behaviours during the previous six months. They were also queried about internalized homophobia, acculturation to the gay community, and for South Asians(More)
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