Rachele Malavasi

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The soundscape is proposed as a phenomenological entity with which to investigate environmental complexity. In particular, the avian soundtope, which is defined as a place in which sound is intentionally structured by different bird species, is regarded as an agency acting to achieve several goals. In fact, the soundtope could be viewed as a special case of(More)
In this essay we argue for the possibility to describe the co-presence of species in a community as a consortium built by acoustic codes, using mainly the examples of bird choruses. In this particular case, the consortium is maintained via the sound-tope that different bird species create by singing in a chorus. More generally, the formation of acoustic(More)
Referential communication occurs when a sender elaborates its gestures to direct the attention of a recipient to its role in pursuit of the desired goal, e.g. by pointing or showing an object, thereby informing the recipient what it wants. If the gesture is successful, the sender and the recipient focus their attention simultaneously on a third entity, the(More)
In a Mediterranean patchy wetland of central Italy, we analyzed the relationship between the number of bird species, expressed in terms of bird alpha diversity, and plant alpha diversity, expressed as Hill number. This number (the exponential of the Shannon entropy) is considered one of the most strong and reliable indexes of alpha-diversity, synthesizing(More)
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