Rachele C Kauffmann

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Regulated transcription of the prospero gene in the Drosophila eye provides a model for how gene expression is specifically controlled by signals from receptor tyrosine kinases. We show that prospero is controlled by signals from the EGF receptor DER and the Sevenless receptor. A direct link is established between DER activation of a transcription enhancer(More)
The receptor tyrosine kinase Sevenless determines R7 cell fate by activation of the Ras1 pathway in a subset of equivalent cells competent to respond in the Drosophila eye. We show that the prospero gene becomes transcriptionally activated at a low level in all Sevenless-competent cells prior to Sevenless signaling, and this requires the activities of Ras1(More)
Ras CAAX (C = cysteine, A = aliphatic amino acid, and X = any amino acid) peptidomimetic inhibitors of farnesyl protein transferase suppress Ras-dependent cell transformation by preventing farnesylation of the Ras oncoprotein. These compounds are potential anticancer agents for tumors associated with Ras mutations. The peptidomimetic FTI-254 was tested for(More)
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