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We have studied the expression of Ia-antigens, controlled by genes in the I-region of the H-2 complex, on phytohemagglutinin (PHA)-stimulated lymph node cells and on lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-stimulated spleen cells, and have compared these two types of cell populations as targets for killer cells in the cell mediated lympholysis (CML) assay. PHA targets are(More)
BACKGROUND The worldwide increased prevalence of allergic diseases, and especially of respiratory allergy, is paralleled by increased health costs. This requires consideration of the cost to efficacy ratio of the available treatment to identify the optimal choice. OBJECTIVE To compare the different economic relevance, over a long evaluation time, of(More)
Polysensitization is very common in allergic patients and was previously reported to be associated with more severe symptoms and impaired quality of life. Polysensitization is often considered as a contraindication for specific immunotherapy (SIT). This study is aimed at evaluating the allergist attitude for decision making in choosing SIT in a cohort of(More)
Allergic rhinitis and asthma have a very high prevalence and constitute a health problem with a relevant burden of disease, concerning medical and economical issues. Among the treatments of allergy, specific immunotherapy (IT) has the capacity to favourably alter the natural history of the disease both during and after its performance, and thus to reduce(More)
INTRODUCTION A number of medical conditions, some of them recently reported, are associated with an increased production of eosinophils. We report the first case of eosinophilic parotitis in the literature. CASE PRESENTATION The patient was an eight-year-old Caucasian boy who presented with a two-year history of recurring acute parotitis with no fever. He(More)
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