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Mercury strain gauges were sutured onto the tibial collateral anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments to quantitatively determine the relative strain or deformation of each of these ligaments as a function of joint position. The results were obtained on 5 amputation specimens by subjecting them to flexion, extension, rotation, valgus--varus and(More)
Employer-sponsored on-site child care, although a small percentage of the U.S. child care market, is of substantial interest to families, firms and governments searching for relief from work/family conflicts. This paper analyzes employee survey data from three firms in the same industry and local labor market, two of which offer on-site child care while one(More)
iii 4 ABSTRACT Empirical Validation of an In Silico Model Predicting the Fluid Dynamics of an Iliac Artery Aneurysm Rachel Willis Iliac artery aneurysms are considered rare and difficult to detect and treat. Prompt diagnosis and timely intervention are essential, because the incidence of rupture is as high as 50% [1]. The reported mortality rate for(More)
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