Rachel Weston Smith

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Four different shades were used to produce 20 samples of resin-based composite and 20 samples of porcelain to evaluate the performance ability of an intra oral test spectrophotometer compared to a reference spectrophotometer. The absolute colour coordinates CIELAB values measured with both spectrophotometers were significantly different (p < 0.001).(More)
Tricalcium phosphate (TCP) powders synthesised using the Ca(NO3)2 and Ca(OH)2 routes were doped with TiO2, ZrO2 and Al2O3 in order to increase their compressive strength. An ultimate compressive strength (UCS) of 255 +/- 6 MPa was achieved for approximately 10 vol% TiO2 doping compared to 30 +/- 3 MPa for an un-doped control processed and tested in the same(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the maximum dilution of human milk (HM) that yields reliable results for protein, fat and lactose when analyzed by mid-infrared spectroscopy. STUDY DESIGN De-identified samples of frozen HM were obtained. Milk was thawed and warmed (40°C) prior to analysis. Undiluted (native) HM was analyzed by mid-infrared spectroscopy for(More)
The aim of this feasibility study was to assess the impact that image processing of abdominal aortic ultrasound (US) images had on the intra-observer reliability of the diameter measurement. The study compared variability between inner-to-inner (ITI), outer-to-outer (OTO) and outer-to-inner (OTI) wall diameter measurements and their resilience to image(More)
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