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Neurotoxicity has been described in workers exposed to solvents, PCBs, certain metals, and polyaromatic hydrocarbons but not often in residents near refineries or factories. We compared the neurobehavioral performance of residents near a plant that reprocessed used motor oil and chemical waste from 1966-1983 to referents from beyond the plant's modeled air(More)
Neurobehavioral functions were studied by periodic testing of 318 histology technicians and by a single session testing 494 of such technicians from 1982 through 1986. Tests included immediate recall of stories, of drawings, and of number series from the Wechsler Memory Scale, block designs from the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS), slotted(More)
The objective was to determine whether an association existed between hearing loss and balance dysfunction in construction workers exposed to noise. Screening pure tone audiometry and balance testing were performed using a sound emitter and dual microphone system to evaluate 78 iron workers who were compared with 128 histology technicians. Most iron workers(More)
Residents adjoining a die-casting plant had excessive headaches, numbness of hands and feet, dizziness, blurred vision, staggering, sweating, abnormal heart rhythm, and depression, which led to measurements of neurobehavioral performance, affective status, and the frequency of symptoms. They had all been exposed via well water and proximity to the plant to(More)
BACKGROUND Published predicted values for total lung capacity and residual volume are often based on a small number of subjects and derive from different populations from predicted spirometric values. Equations from the only two large studies gave smaller predicted values for total lung capacity than the smaller studies. A large number of subjects have been(More)
In order to develop a screening test of trigeminal latencies which could be used in the field, a stimulator which delivered a "tap" consisting of a focused puff of air to the glabella was compared with a tap delivered by means of a lightweight hammer with a piezoelectric trigger similar to that described by Shahani (Shahani and Young, 1972, Neurology 22,(More)
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