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OBJECTIVE To determine whether elective single embryo transfer (eSET) lowers the risk of poor perinatal outcomes associated with IVF, when [1] compared with double embryo transfer (DET) or multiple embryo transfer (MET), and separately, [2] compared with spontaneous conceptions. DESIGN Systematic review and meta-analysis. SETTING Centers for(More)
Cationic antimicrobial peptides such as bovine lactoferricin (LfcinB) constitute an important innate defense mechanism against many microbial pathogens. LfcinB also binds to and selectively kills human cancer cells via a mechanism that involves reactive oxygen species (ROS) generation and caspase activation. The antimicrobial core of LfcinB consists of only(More)
INTRODUCTION Some healthy males voluntarily seek castration without a recognized medical need. There are currently no standards of care for these individuals, which cause many of them to obtain surgery outside of a licensed medical setting. We seek to understand who performs these surgeries. AIM This study aims to characterize individuals who perform or(More)
We investigate model Mt,α  for abundance estimation in closed-population capture-recapture studies, where animals are identified from natural marks such as DNA profiles or photographs of distinctive individual features. Model Mt,α  extends the classical model Mt  to accommodate errors in identification, by specifying that each sample identification is(More)
BACKGROUND A punch biopsy is a common therapeutic and diagnostic procedure that is routinely performed by dermatologists. A thin cylinder of tissue is removed with a biopsy punch, which creates a full-thickness wound. Sutures are used for primary closure as part of standard practice and are removed in follow-up 5 to 14 days later. The biopsy site heals with(More)
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