Rachel V Levine

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We developed the Hmong Adaptation of the Beck Depression Inventory (HABDI) and evaluated the instrument's psychometric characteristics. Also examined was the relationship between depression and demographic variables such as age, sex, length of stay in America, English-speaking ability, and social support in Hmong refugees. One hundred twenty-three Hmong(More)
Recent research has found a positive association between insecure adult attachment styles and harmful drinking patterns. In the present study, we examined the relation between alcohol-related consequences and two dimensions underlying attachment, 'model of self' and 'model of others,' among a population of college student drinkers (N=366). It was predicted(More)
Thirty-four couples rated their 6-month-old first-born infants' temperaments with Bates' Infant Characteristics Questionnaire (ICQ) and Carey's Infant Temperament Questionnaire (ITQ). Mothers and infants were videotaped in their homes during feedings on two consecutive days to assess mother and infant behavior. Results indicated that parents had moderate(More)
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