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Addressing Important Questions in the Field of Adolescent Purpose
In this review, we discuss three questions about the importance of studying purpose as a construct relevant to adolescence. We consider how finding a purpose can help youth answer questions such asExpand
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Identity and Purpose as Predictors of Subjective Well-Being in Emerging Adulthood
Identity and purpose in life can serve as internal assets during the transition to adulthood. Although these two facets of the self are closely linked, they are usually studied separately. The rareExpand
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The Development of Purpose in Life Among Adolescents Who Experience Marginalization: Potential Opportunities and Obstacles
In recent decades there has been a dramatic increase in the amount of research focused on purpose in life, demonstrating a host of benefits that emerge for individuals committed to a purpose. As withExpand
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Do Subtle Cues About Belongingness Constrain Women's Career Choices?
Nilanjana Dasgupta's (this issue) stereotype inoculation model (SIM) helps explain why what feels like a free choice to pursue one life path over another "is often constrained by subtle cues inExpand
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Diversity and Inclusion as Essential Elements of 4-H Youth Development Programs
Diversity and inclusion are essential elements of 4-H’s goals related to positive youth development, workforce development, and organizational sustainability. Previous research has examinedExpand
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Understanding the pathways to purpose: Examining personality and well-being correlates across adulthood
Although finding a purpose is almost universally accepted as a developmental achievement, relatively little research has sought to understand the potential means by which individuals do so. Using aExpand
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Improving Minority Academic Performance: How a Values-Affirmation Intervention Works
Research testing a social-psychological intervention designed to improve minority student performance and reduce the racial achievement gap is summarized. Key to the intervention is the notion thatExpand
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Perceived Change in Life Satisfaction and Daily Negative Affect: The Moderating Role of Purpose in Life
Perceiving changes in life satisfaction has been linked to diminished health and well-being. Purpose in life is theorized to promote well-being by providing a sense of personal consistency, which mayExpand
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Purpose in Life as a Resource for Increasing Comfort With Ethnic Diversity
Emerging demographic trends signal that White Americans will soon relinquish their majority status. As Whites’ acclimation to an increasingly diverse society is poised to figure prominently in theirExpand
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Life is pretty meaningful and/or purposeful?: On conflations, contexts, and consequences.
Comments on the original article "Life is pretty meaningful," by S. J. Heintzelman and L. A. King (see record 2014-03265-001). Heintzelman and King condense descriptive data from numerous studies toExpand
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