Rachel Smith

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Voice-induced synesthesia, a form of synesthesia in which synesthetic perceptions are induced by the sounds of people's voices, appears to be relatively rare and has not been systematically studied. In this study we investigated the synesthetic color and visual texture perceptions experienced in response to different types of "voice quality" (e.g., nasal,(More)
Human speech conveys many forms of information, but for some exceptional individuals (synaesthetes), listening to speech sounds can automatically induce visual percepts such as colours. In this experiment, grapheme-colour synaesthetes and controls were asked to assign colours, or shades of grey, to different vowel sounds. We then investigated whether the(More)
BACKGROUND Despite early promise in phase II, the performance of the NK1 receptor antagonist aprepitant in subsequent clinical trials has been disappointing. Healthy volunteer models of emotional processing offer a potential means by which novel drugs can be screened prior to clinical trials. Here, we consider the effect of 7 days of treatment with(More)
Previous place conditioning studies in mice have shown that injection of ethanol immediately before a conditioned stimulus (CS+) produces conditioned preference, whereas injection of ethanol immediately after CS+ produces conditioned aversion. In the present experiments, we examined the learning that occurs when ethanol is injected in "ambiguous" procedures(More)
BACKGROUND The increasing use of silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) in consumer products is concerning. We examined the potential toxic effects when inhaled in Brown-Norway (BN) rats with a pre-inflammatory state compared to Sprague-Dawley (SD) rats. METHODS We determined the effect of AgNPs generated from a spark generator (mass concentration: 600-800(More)
Danirixin (GSK1325756) is a small, high-affinity, selective and reversible CXCR2 antagonist in development for treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The objective of the study was to evaluate the relative bioavailability, including the inter-subject variability, of a conventional immediate-release (IR) formulation and two prototype bioenhanced(More)
Listeners must cope with a great deal of variability in the speech signal, and thus theories of speech perception must also account for variability, which comes from a number of sources, including variation between accents. It is well known that there is a processing cost when listening to speech in an accent other than one's own, but recent work has(More)