Rachel Skoss

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Across the entire human body, postural tone might play its most critical role in the body's axis because the axis joins the four limbs and head into a single functioning unit during complex motor tasks as well as in static postures. Although postural tone is commonly viewed as low-level, tonic motor activity, we hypothesized that postural tone is both(More)
OBJECTIVE The 3-D posture and muscle activity in the neck and upper limb were assessed in children using high-, mid-, and book-level displays, which correspond to working conditions frequently observed when children interact with computers or books and paper. BACKGROUND The 3-D posture and muscle activity of children reading and inputting data with(More)
Acuity for elbow joint position sense (JPS) is reduced when head position is modified. Movement of the head is associated with biomechanical changes in the neck and shoulder musculoskeletal system, which may explain changes in elbow JPS. The present study aimed to determine whether elbow JPS is also influenced by illusory changes in head position.(More)
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