Rachel Schlindwein-Zanini

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OBJECTIVE It was to report on Brazilian cases of neurological complications from bariatric surgery. The literature on the subject is scarce. METHOD Cases attended by neurologists in eight different Brazilian cities were collected and described in the present study. RESULTS Twenty-six cases were collected in this study. Axonal polyneuropathy was the most(More)
Neurological complications following bariatric surgery Complicações neurológicas da cirurgia bariátrica Yara Dadalti Fragoso1, Soniza Vieira Alves-Leon2, Andréa de Carvalho Anacleto3, Joseph Bruno Bidin Brooks1, Paulo Diniz da Gama4, Sidney Gomes5, Marcus Vinicius Magno Gonçalves6, Katia Lin7, Josiane Lopes8, Damacio Ramon Kaimen-Maciel8, Fabiola Haschid(More)
The debate about the ethical aspects surrounding the brain is growing these days and consequently the sciences directly related to it covered by neurosciences. Neuroethics is a recent field linked to the intersection of bioethics and neuroscience, and its advances raise ethical questions. The aim of this article is to verify and to comment important aspects(More)
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