Rachel Salas

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Learning interference occurs when learning something new causes forgetting of an older memory (retrograde interference) or when learning a new task disrupts learning of a second subsequent task (anterograde interference). This phenomenon, described in cognitive, sensory, and motor domains, limits our ability to learn multiple tasks in close succession. It(More)
Action observation (AO), observing another individual perform an action, has been implicated in several higher cognitive processes including forming basic motor memories. Previous work has shown that physical practice (PP) results in cortical motor representational changes, referred to as use-dependent plasticity (UDP), and that AO combined with PP(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the use of data in patients as a way to evaluate the values of reference in clinical assays. Serum calcium (Ca) and phosphorus (P) were selected for this purpose. MATERIAL A total of 836 consecutive admissions in a 10 week period were revised. Seventy percent (580 cases) had data of Ca and P in the first week following admission. A(More)
OBJECTIVE To establish a norm of the precision achievable with a micropipette in an IRMA assay under routine conditions. MATERIAL AND METHODS A micropipette (Gilson) adjusted to dispense 100 microL was used by a single analyst with experience in its use. In each assay, ten aliquots of radioactive antiprolactin were pipetted in clean tubes (PRE-batch(More)
OBJECTIVE To provide an evaluation model of internal accuracy illustrating its use in a quality control program of clinical chemistry. METHODS The model uses data transformed to percentage of assigned value (%AV) that allows the pooling of different controls. Precision is evaluated by the mean of the intracontrol coefficients of variation, and accuracy by(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the precision and accuracy of the liquid dispensers being used in our institution. MATERIAL A total of 15 dispensers (8 micro and 7 macro) of automatic, semiautomatic or manual types were evaluated. They had been in use from 0.5 to 7 years. METHODS The volume dispensed was established by gravimetry using an analytical balance (Chio(More)
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