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This study assessed the relationship between radon decay product (RDP) exposure and mortality and cancer incidence in a cohort of 17,660 Eldorado uranium workers first employed in 1932-1980 and followed up through 1999. The analysis was based on substantially revised identifying information and dosimetry for workers from the Beaverlodge and Port Radium(More)
Systemic arterial pressure, superior mesenteric arterial and venous pressures, blood flow, arteriovenous oxygen difference, lymph flow, and intestinal volume were monitored continuously from an autoperfused loop of cat ileum to determine the effects of locally infused adenosine on intestinal hemodynamics, oxygen consumption, and capillary fluid exchange.(More)
OBJECTIVES Uranium processing workers are exposed to uranium and radium compounds from the ore dust and to γ-ray radiation, but less to radon decay products (RDP), typical of the uranium miners. We examined the risks of these exposures in a cohort of workers from Port Hope radium and uranium refinery and processing plant. DESIGN A retrospective cohort(More)
BACKGROUND Myotonic dystrophy is the most common inherited form of muscular dystrophy affecting adults. Its symptoms are not confined to muscle, and variability in their nature and in the patient's age at their onset can make diagnosis difficult. A specific unstable DNA sequence associated with myotonic dystrophy has recently been identified. We describe(More)
Lung cancer mortality after exposure to radon decay products (RDP) among 16,236 male Eldorado uranium workers was analyzed. Male workers from the Beaverlodge and Port Radium uranium mines and the Port Hope radium and uranium refinery and processing facility who were first employed between 1932 and 1980 were followed up from 1950 to 1999. A total of 618 lung(More)
Two human monoclonal antibodies, one IgG3 and one IgG1, with anti-Rh D specificity, were tested for their ability to clear red cells. Samples of red cells from 12 D-positive subjects were sensitised in vitro with various amounts of antibody, the number of antibody molecules bound to the cells was estimated, and the cells were reinjected into the donor's(More)
The main purpose of this study is to estimate the medical care costs of childhood and adolescent cancer in Manitoba, and to determine the elements that influence these costs. Retrospective chart reviews were done to obtain all the information. A total of 118 childhood (age 0-14 years) and 41 adolescent (age 15-19 years) cancer patients were included. For(More)