Rachel Richards

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Two experiments are reported in which participants made familiarity decisions (Is this face familiar or not?) or gender decisions (Is this face male or female?) to the same sets of faces presented as whole faces or as internal features only. The experimental items on which the analysis was performed were famous and unfamiliar male faces that differed on(More)
BACKGROUND Organisational consultation is widespread in the National Health Service (NHS), but little is known about its impact. AIMS To evaluate the impact of a psychodynamically informed consultation to a high-security hospital ward. METHOD  This prospective study compared measures before and after the consultation with similarly timed measures on a(More)
With the growing popularity in using social media to collect data, there is an increasing need to discover ways in which to productively use this data. Our objective is to form an interest profile from tweets and use this to recommend loosely related Reddit threads which the reader is most likely to be interested in. The problem is approached as a genre(More)
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