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Male reproductive glands secrete signals into seminal fluid to facilitate reproductive success. In Drosophila melanogaster, these signals are generated by a variety of seminal peptides, many produced by the accessory glands (AGs). One epithelial cell type in the adult male AGs, the secondary cell (SC), grows selectively in response to bone morphogenetic(More)
We describe a novel approach to study tumour progression and vasculature development in vivo via global 3-D fluorescence imaging of live non-pigmented adult zebrafish utilising angularly multiplexed optical projection tomography with compressive sensing (CS-OPT). This "mesoscopic" imaging method bridges a gap between established ~μm resolution 3-D(More)
A critical component of diagramming sketch tools is their ability to reliably recognise hand-drawn diagram components. This is made difficult by the presence of both geometric shapes and characters in diagrams. The goal of our research is to improve sketch recognition by improving the accuracy in grouping and classifying strokes in a diagram into text(More)
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