Rachel Parker

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The alarm pheromone for many species of aphids, which causes dispersion in response to attack by predators or parasitoids, consists of the sesquiterpene (E)-beta-farnesene (Ebetaf). We used high levels of expression in Arabidopsis thaliana plants of an Ebetaf synthase gene cloned from Mentha x piperita to cause emission of pure Ebetaf. These plants elicited(More)
The emergence of networked governance of knowledge activities is portrayed as one component of a more general shift from government to governance.This article suggests that a distinction can be drawn between networks and networked governance and provides some insights into the indicators that might help distinguish networked governance from networks.The(More)
BACKGROUND Aortic arch reconstruction is a challenging technical step in the Norwood operation or the comprehensive stage II operation. This study sought to analyze differences in aortic arch geometry and dimensions in patients undergoing Norwood or hybrid palliation. METHODS Retrospective data collection included all patients who underwent Norwood or(More)
The aim of the paper is to identify the basis of regional competence in industry sectors that are not key performers at the national level. The paper examines the ICT sector in two regions: Dresden (Germany) and Adelaide (Australia). The performance of Australia and Germany in ICT is not high by OECD standards. However, both Dresden and Adelaide have some(More)
OBJECTIVE The interdigitating technique in aortic arch reconstruction in hypoplastic left heart syndrome and variants (HLHS) reduces the recoarctation rate. Little is known on aortic arch growth characteristics and resulting clinical impact. METHODS A total of 139 patients with HLHS underwent staged palliation between 2007 and 2014; 73 patients underwent(More)
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