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A recent opinion piece rekindled debate as to whether geography's current interdisciplinary make-up is a historical relic or an actual and potential source of intellectual vitality. Taking the latter position, we argue here for the benefits of sustained integration of physical and critical human geography. For reasons both political and pragmatic, we term(More)
Neoliberalism has become a key object of analysis in human geography in the last decade. Although the words neoliberal and neoliberalism have been around for a long while, it is only since the end of the 1990s that they have taken on the aura of grand theoretical terms. 'Neoliberalism' emerges as an object of conceptual and empirical reflection in the(More)
Corrected calcium conflict continues Walker and Payne' recently reported no significant interindividual differences between factors used to correct calcium for abnormal albumin concentrations in 15 patients with myocardial infarction. These data have further confused the corrected calcium conflict. Our data on inter-individual variation in correction(More)