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Four hundred and sixty three patients with malignant diseases were studied over a period of two years; of these, 53 (11.44%) had neurological syndrome, both metastatic (32) and non metastatic (21). The lymphoma-leukaemia group accounted for 34 of the 53 cases. The maximum manifestations were seen in the 21-40 years age group, with male preponderance. The(More)
Spinal muscular atrophies (SMA) are clinically heterogenous group of motor system disorders characterised by progressive pure lower motor neuron involvement. The distal form of SMA is an extremely rare disorder, which presents in the adults and has a relatively slow progression with almost no effect on the patients' life-span. Differential diagnosis of this(More)
A 65 years man presented with fever, drenching sweats, progressive dyspnoea, backache and weight loss. On examination, he had wide pulse pressure, clubbing, retinal hemorrhages, aortic and mitral regurgitation, hepatosplenomegaly, lower spinal tenderness and bilateral basal crepitations. Transthoracic 2D-echocardiography showed a large vegetation on the(More)
A 36 year old male presented with progressive dementia of two months duration and was found to have predominant extrapyramidal features in the form of rigidity and bradykinesia. There were no tremors or choreoathetotic movements. MRI of the brain (Fig. 1) revealed diffuse cortical atrophy with bilateral caudate atrophy. CSF studies were normal and serology(More)
T he choices for elective therapy of gallstones have expanded in the last several decades. Although the management of silent gallstones remains controversial, the risk of developing symptoms or complications requiring surgery is quite small (in the range of 1 to 2 percent per year) in most asymptomatic gallstone patients. In symptomatic gallstone patients(More)
INTRODUCTION The essence of communication is to convey a message, and readability tests have been developed to quantify this aspect of language. There is limited research on the readability tests of journal contents from India. In this study, we performed readability tests on the editorials of four popular Indian medical journals. MATERIALS AND METHODS(More)
BACKGROUND Bleeding disorders are commonly seen in clinical practice. von Willebrand Disease (vWD), is the commonest and yet a profoundly under diagnosed cause, having a wide spectrum of clinical presentation. Of its three types, type 1 vWD (70% of the total vWD cases) has the mildest and a highly variable clinical and laboratory presentation. METHODS A(More)