Rachel N. Plotinsky

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BACKGROUND Epidemiologic and clinical studies of Mycobacterium avium complex (MAC) pulmonary disease typically use strict ATS/IDSA definitions designed for decisions about treatment. Studies based on these criteria may exclude a substantial number of patients with true disease. We reviewed patients treated for MAC pulmonary disease at an academic medical(More)
We surveyed hospital personnel regarding their preparedness to use and their actual use of portable isolation units that were distributed to increase facilities' capacity to place patients under airborne infection isolation precautions. Although personnel reported feeling prepared to use portable isolation units, the effectiveness of the unit deployment(More)
OBJECTIVES Surveillance blood lead screening of refugee children resettled in Manchester, NH, in 2004 revealed that 39 (42%) of 92 children had elevated levels (>or=10 microg/dL) after resettlement. Furthermore, 27/92 children (29%) had nonelevated screening blood lead levels on arrival (BLL1) but had elevated follow-up blood lead levels 3-6 months after(More)
We describe a case of congenital rubella syndrome with typical stigmata in an infant born in New Hampshire to Liberian refugees. The infant's clinical specimens were tested for rubella. Rubella immunity status was sought for contacts. The infant's specimen cultures grew wild-type rubella virus; serum immunoglobulin M and G were positive. Eighteen of 20(More)
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